I've posted it a little early because I'm excited but here is my reading and analysis of RFC-1, the very first official Request for Comments document and an important piece of internet history.


I'm doing one of these a day for a year. You can follow along at @365-rfcs. I'll only be posting the really noteworthy ones on this account.

RFC-5 was an early (eventually abandoned) proposal for delivering rich applications over ARPANET. Specifically it was conceived as a way to connect to Doug Englebart's "mother of all demos" computing system remotely from a more typical OS! My writeup:


You can follow along with my series commenting on the first 365 RFCs here @365-rfcs


@darius (side note: mastodon won't let me follow because hyphens are not valid in usernames, according to the error I just got from the toot-lab)

@djsundog what version are you running? should be valid as of 2.6

@darius 2.6.1+glitch - I'll update to latest this evening and see if it resolves it. Thanks!

@djsundog cool. hyphens are valid characters in AP usernames so yeah, it should work

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