now and again on youtube you get recommended a video thats inexplicably from 10 years ago and its like, extremely poor quality but much nicer than anything on youtube now, itll be like some friends making a music video to their favorite song in their parents kitchen in 240p 12fps, and theyll all have extremely 2008 eye makeup, and theyre just doin it because its fun and putting it online

i feel like 10-15 years ago the web was a lot more mundane. there were less people on the internet, everyone was just someone else who was sitting at a desktop computer doing nothing. pretty much every image you saw on the web was taken on a compact digital camera in someones poorly-lit living room and then edited using microsoft paint, and then put up onto a forum a couple days later. nobody was vlogging on a skateboard. there wasnt that much to talk about. pace of life seemed slower

there just wasnt so much stuff back then. it wasnt even very long ago at all!!! whenever anything on the internet happened, which was about once every 10 days, everybody was like "ah have you seen the new thing, here let me send it to you" an dyou'd be like "haha thats cool" because it was. now everythings cool and nothings cool. i bet in another 10 years it'll've got even worse and we'll be like "ah 2019 the golden fucking age, the internet was so sedate"

i guess the internet is just now predominantly the place where stuff happens, rather than the place you take refuge from stuff happening, and i miss that

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