My officemate brought me this marvelous specimen, his grandfather's single owner 1984 Model M2 keyboard

His mother was decluttering and asked if he wanted it. He said, "yeah, I know just the guy who would want this."

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Wow, the clone I have really does its best to duplicate the model m...

@djsundog Cool! It wasn't actually made in '84 though. That's a copyright date, the date of manufacture is elsewhere on the label and includes the day and month too.

@lroop aha, just so - 21 December 1993 (sweet solstice keyboard) so it's 25 years old next month.

@djsundog @lroop I find the Model M2 to be a fascinating exercise in cost reduction

they got a good 90% of the typing quality of a Model M, with the assembly complexity of a modern rubber dome keyboard, just snap it all together

(royal pain to service, though, and it has two surface-mount caps that often fail, and requires dismantling the keyboard to swap them)

@djsundog Now the neighbours will be able to hear when you're online!
(These kinds were the worst when I tried to stay up past curfew...)

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