possibilities - if landscape is tired and portrait is wired then arbitrary placement via gooseneck has to be something

@djsundog If the keyboard halves can slide together, and the gooseneck thing can fold down so the screen is flat with the halves when they're apart, you could like convert it into a 'normal' laptop form factor on a desk and a wide handheld thing when not...?

@masklayer yeah, there are definitely some interesting possibilities if I can find the right combination of bits and pieces

@djsundog I believe the third level is "hired", but not sure.

@djsundog where did you get that split keyboard, and how much did it cost? 🙂

@djsundog wow 😱
That's quite expensive for something you can get for 1/7th of the price if it isn't cut in two pieces 😱

@RyuKurisu you'd probably be hard pressed to find a decent mechanical keyboard with n-key rollover and reprogrammable firmware for $50, but yes, it's a significant investment compared to a lot of keyboards.

I can appreciate a well crafted mechanical keyboard but man...when you start getting to I can buy a decent laptop for this price I can't justify it.

@kelbot @djsundog @RyuKurisu you can always ssh into more ram or CPU; you can't ssh into a better keyboard

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