I get to award myself a million extra cool points if I end up using the to control an electric vehicle I am piloting, and two million if it's an electric vehicle someone else is piloting first.

@djsundog ++ if you can power up the dead electric vehicle from the decke after and EMP

@lufthans @djsundog this is why brushless motors are overrated, because you need sensitive control electronics

brushed motor, you apply voltage, you go, easy

@lufthans @djsundog Like, here's a 1901 Baker Electric:

And then the wiring diagram for a 1902 Baker Electric Runabout with a 36 volt system (the car in this video had a 24 volt system, later cars had higher voltage systems and more speeds (and more resistors and switches as a result)

This is incredibly simple, and completely EMP-proof

@lufthans @djsundog Note that it's *not* foolproof to drive, though - you have to bring it up through the speeds, watching the ammeter to make sure you don't supply too much current to the motor. (Each speed has a natural equilibrium speed, too, that it wants to go.)

But, I mean, it's still far simpler than a manual transmission ICE car...

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