Things to potentially add to the hardware-wise: secondary display/x86-64 tablet (pending hardware modifications to tablet), hdmi and USB switching, arduino sandbox breadboard mounted at surface level (with a smoked plastic hinged cover maybe), RGB LED arrays for system status blinkenlights, 9-DOF gyro/accelerometer/compass board (definite), amp and speakers (display has some weak speakers but c'mon), pico projector (someday, but I don't have one on hand)

@natalie here's hoping - I want to be getting a good eight to ten hours a day of use out of this mojomofo and I want its fullest support. Speaking of, it'll need lots more ports, including midi ports. Might even screw around with adding a microsynth controller in some slide out drawer, maybe some pressure sensitive pads too, and pitch bend/mod joystick. Yeah, def.

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