We have successfully feted the two young men who feel less young today. We have now left them to the entertainments of the young folk, which they're still perfectly qualified to perform, with their also still young friends while us old folk wind down a little more peacefully. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to see our sons' kids, still just babies now, on the occasion of each of their thirtieth birthday celebrations, too. Might even be possible.

Also, this old folk winds down with trip hop, so how you do old is really up to you.

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@fobo strong agree. I'm much more comfortable being me now than I ever was being past me.

@djsundog MY old is going to involve pretty much what I'm doing now except more gracefully

@djsundog *consults the table, rolls 2d20 and looks up the result*

apparently I'm being accosted by orcs

six pairs of delicate barbarians quietly reduce me to limbs and poor rolls"

@djsundog I suspect that with the way you do old it won't just be possible, but actually likely, that you will have the opportunity to celebrate the occasion of the start of your grandbabies' third decade of life's journey.

My father lives life as he feels like, not what is expected of someone of "advanced age" and I'm quite confident he will be around to wish my nephew, his first grandbaby, a happy 40th in 2021.

@djsundog We should celebrate the reasons we come together to celebrate

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