The MCX-128 expansion pack for the TRS-80 MC-10 has arrived!

Tomorrow will have some serious BASIC programming going on.

@craigmaloney imagine slotting a new 16gb ssd with os upgrades into an old laptop and getting bumped from 4gb of ram to 128gb in the process for half the base system price

@kity @craigmaloney my first compy had 2 kilobytes of ram and when my dad got me a 16k expansion pack because I ran out of memory I thought I had more computer than god.

@kity @craigmaloney but, to be fair, there was a thirty year gap between the production of this compy and this expansion pack - don't write off terabytes of ram in your thinkpads just yet, you're young ;)

@djsundog @craigmaloney i can't wait for the day when everyone is complaining about the new technology everyone is using to build applications that uses a minimum of 30GB of RAM

@kity @craigmaloney "this heckin game took three liters of quantum memory goo just to install!"

@djsundog oh I know. I had a mc-10 for a bit before I donated it to the library so I know how dreadfully underpowered it was. Does it give it compatibility with a proper Coco?

@craigmaloney not quite but close - it's still saddled with a 6803 and a sub-megaHertz clock, but the basic implementation has almost full coverage of its bigger siblings

@djsundog @craigmaloney

That's a pretty big jump in capacity for an MC-10!

I didn't think the expansion port could accommodate more than 16K much less that the machine was capable of bank switching to address more than 64K...quite an achievement considering the limited expandability of todays small computer devices!

@msh the rom in the cartridge handles the bank switching - it's a neat add on after thirty years :)

@djsundog people got creative when confronted with limitations.

A long time ago I was thinking of how to make a bank-switching Colecovision cartridge...that had NVRAM for saving stuff like high scores to...for a cartridge port that was designed for ROM only...

The idea was that you'd have the CPU read a specific address to enable "NVRAM write" mode then the next read would be the NVRAM "register number" plus write value as the address :blobderpy:

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