fans, I am extremely pleased to be welcoming my latest orphan, the spectacularly short-lived TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MC-10, to the lab!

This reminds me so much of the Timex Sinclair 1000 I started learning computers on.

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The MC-10 is a total upgrade in comparison, though, with 50% more base RAM (3 kilobytes), color capabilities, and a built-in RF modulator.

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I got that expansion pack for it, too, that might have some possibilities...

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TS1000 was my first computer, too. I had it in the back of my mind that I would build an external battery pack by wiring enough 9v battery connectors in parallel to get the necessary amperage and hook it to a portable TV to have a portable computer

I was 10 years old 😂

@djsundog pictures of it working or it didn't happen.

@djsundog can't decide if your lab looks like a basement full of metal shelves and boxes with wires hanging out of them, or a pristine museum/batcave. Pics?

@mexpat on the move currently to find an old television but once I'm back I'll straighten up a bit and do some wide shots

@djsundog I await all computers in the consulate becoming part of the Sundogistani token ring network.


In my mid-teens, there were a good number of low-end offerings whose main claim to fame was “better than the ZX81”.

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