Time for another show and tell!

I'm quite pleased to introduce you to the NEC MobilePro 900, a "handheld" PC powered by a XScale PXA255 processor and running Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000 (build 9546-126)

(Photos taken on top of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for size reference)

Handily, this wee bugger is modern enough to have a USB port (actually, two, one full-size, one mini) as well as a number of other useful ports - CompactFlash, PCMCIA, external display, serial port, IrDA, and a built-in V.90 modem. Should be fun to get Linux running on it this weekend (depending on how much archeological work ends up being required to get the right bits)

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In terms of being handheld, I have carried bigger and heavier dead tree day planners, but you'll likely need two hands to actually do anything more than hold the MobilePro 900. Think more "chunky netbook prototype" than "thing resembling modern handheld form factors".

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Also, it's not pocket friendly unless you are a fan of cargo shorts, but I think it'd be a fantastic mobile dumb terminal. 64 MB of memory (split between RAM and block storage, assignable by the user) is a pretty big playground to work with. Might even be able to pull off a (weak) X environment if someone wanted that.

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@djsundog neat! If it takes to nix well, it may very well leapfrog up my pick list.

@ajroach42 I know there was a working build for it at one time, I'm just hoping it's enough to bootstrap something more up to date ;) I will deffo report back on my experience

@djsundog *pulls cargo shorts out of storage* my time has come!

@djsundog yea, I was a child of the nineties, it was pretty much impossible for me to avoid them :shrug_g1:

@djsundog I once had some cargo pants that we managed to fit TWO TI-84s IN THE SAME SIDE-POCKET.

@gaditb high capacity cargo pants are banned in sixteen states for this very reason.

@djsundog I want the modern version of these so bad. Give me a little, ruggedized, fanless netbook designed for mass productivity.

I bought an "education edition" 2-in-1 laptop to get as close as possible, but it's still a hefty 11 inches.

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