I might not have a working display panel for my Data General One but at least I have this now!

Laptops used to be upgradable and expandable by design, rather than being disposable.

And dog bless the sellers of New Old Stock Who Do Not Realize How Rare Any Given Thing Might Be

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@djsundog I wish those people still existed in my world of hobbies. I can't find a single thing I want at garage sale prices. Finding vintage AD&D 2e books is hard, SNES games impossible. I miss garage sales full of awesome shit.

@Mainebot it's getting harder in the retrocomputing arena, too - way too people figured out that some of us will pay absurd prices for their grandparents' "old crap"


This is actually part of my #goals in terms of the #PiShell design. Key breaks? Mechanical, swap out. Keyboard toasts? Replace it with another one. Batteries starting to fail? Replace one or all. Or reconfigure the insides altogether. You could even break the hinge, is the idea -- it's purely mechanical, and intended to be sturdy enough to use as a handle when the case is latched shut.


I think getting it all figured out may be beyond me (but I have occasionally surprised myself in those matters), but the key is all the other elements being standardized, miniaturized, open-sourced, etc., and that will let *someone* do it, even if it's not me. And that's the important thing.


that is appreciated, friend :) <3

if I ever manage to see it through, I'll make sure you know somehow, if I've stopped tooting by then

@djsundog They were expandable because the base models were so lacking in features. It was only after playing with your new toy that you realized that the 4MB it came with wasn't enough for an enjoyable Doom experience. So you bought another 4MB stick. Same with graphics, networking, disk capacity.

@djsundog Is that a composite video output port, or is it TV/RF?

@h apparently! (this is my first Data General machine so I'm still figuring out how they got made)

@djsundog I'm not as big as you are on the retro hardware thing, but I'd really like to hear more about this one once you figure it out.

Also if you ever get your hands on a Tektronix 4010 😀

@h if ever I land a Tek display no one will be able to get me to shut up about it, promise ;)

@ajroach42 that's a good question - I'm still hunting for period-appropriate displays in my area, since shipping is risky and expensive

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