interesting demo of early hypertext system FRESS, the "file retrieval and editing system," being used in a (humanities, not creative writing) poetry class in the mid-1970s

(more here which mentions that the system "used a light pen [which] could be 'clicked' using a foot-pedal" and this is totally off topic but I kinda wish that computer evolution had worked out such that foot pedals were as common an input device as, like, keyboards and mice)

@aparrish There's an entire chapter dedicated to this subject in Belinda Barnet's book "Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext". It needs to be better known, she's done an excellent work and I always recommend it to anyone with an interest in these matters.

This is Belinda on Twitter:

This is the book:


@haitch oy, I need to find a library copy of this because $103 is pretty steep for my reading budget ;)

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