It is my pleasure to welcome this well-stickered Zenith supersPORT to the bench.

Rocking a blazing fast 12 MHz 80c286 processor, all the RAM anyone will ever need, and two 1.44 Mb floppy drives, this is some of the best that 1990 has to offer!

The display (providing 640x400 resolution in eight shades of gray) has a delightful double-hinge, allowing you to angle it back to 180° if you so desire.

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I'll dig an appropriate 12vdc power supply out of my power supply bin tomorrow and see if it actually functions at all, but I am pretty happy with it regardless. It's definitely aesthetic as heck.

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@djsundog Sweet machine, tho A) the lid label and stickers are on upside down, like old Apple laptops, and B) Nuclear free? So the old owner was subatomic plasma? Computers are composed of atoms, I dunno how they typed!

@djsundog that looks responsive and firm without being too loud and clicky.

@Mainebot can confirm your initial impression - very pleasant (fake) typing experience without having to apologize for the racket

@sonicbooming I am absolutely in love with having an in-cap scroll lock indicator light - it's like meeting someone who has a tail that doesn't realize tails are on their way out of vogue

@Erin @sonicbooming it was only a matter of time before someone got me on that, I'm glad it was you :blobpats:

@djsundog @sonicbooming <screes in delight at headpats!> you know I can't let that stuff slide!

@djsundog I would be way too tempted to gut it, and put a single-board computer in it.
Because the aesthetics really are cool.
But 286 was not.

@shatteredgears honestly, that's a temptation I face with all of my older machines, but I have been trying to stick to a policy of "if it's operational it stays intact" so we'll find out tomorrow if it's going to get a massive upgrade or not ;)

@djsundog I agree with that. If it actually works, I tend to leave it alone.
If not..... punk that suckah!

@ronaldb they were the sell point, honestly - without them, I probably would have passed on the purchase

@djsundog tiring: fifty shades of grey 😣
wiring: eight shades of gray :tinking:

@djsundog Ooooh that's cool. You might be able to play the original Battletech game on it without down clocking!

@djsundog what word layout template is that for that keyboard... I'm trying to remember if it was WordPerfect for DOS or WordStar

@trayofbees I'm guessing WordPerfect based solely on the fact that I was reared on WordStar and don't see any "^KS to save, ^KD to save and return to main menu" type commands I'd expect to see.

@pixelpaperyarn much nicer than the ultrathin soulless things we're sold today - in my opinion, real laptops have curves ;)

@djsundog more Max Headroom, less Steve Jobs.

while i do love my MBP, i still have a great fondness for my still-functioning clamshell iBook and the clunky old Dell laptop running XP that's around here somewhere.

they feel more futuristic somehow.

@ajroach42 @djsundog in my mind the future is clunky cyberpunk dystopia. we ended up with a shiny cyberpunk dystopia, which is probably why it feels less futuristic.

@djsundog Where did you find that? In 1990 I was using a GRiD 386 laptop. I was at Gartner and was the first person there to carry a portable computer. At the time they were an Apple shop, and Apple had not brought out a laptop yet. I was also the first person there to carry a pocket computer, a Cassio BOSS. That made me a get back then. Now everybody has one -- they are called smart phones

@BertL I keep a pretty steady watch on the vintage computing category on ebay to see what lovelies need a new home :)

@BertL @djsundog I remember choosing my HP 41 over the HP 71 because the 41 was more calculator than computer like the 71 was. I didn't appreciate the concept of portable computers yet!

What do you plan on doing with that there computer? The dino stickers are fitting.

@TelefunkenU87 first I'm going to see if it's operational - if so, then I'll make some boot disks for it and get it online; if not, I'll start planning some new brains for the body.

@djsundog New brains would be exciting. That's the kind of box that would be neat to carry around. A real head turner.

@djsundog I like the expansion port for a third floppy drive.

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