I am guessing that 1983 is the current record for oldest hardware as fediverse client but I would be thrilled to be proven wrong.

@djsundog depends on if you count "client displayed on this hardware but connected over telnet where it's actually running" vs "client running directly on this hardware makes connections directly to a fedi server" I would guess


@technomancy I do have a mind to hack together a proper network interface for the and there are a couple tiny TCPIP implementations :blobthonkang:

@technomancy and a simple api client shouldn't be too rough to wedge into the remaining 50ish kb of ram, I suppose (ssl notwithstanding)

@donblanco @djsundog yeah I believe it's from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremiah which I saw in my childhood but recall nothing about except these handful of frames

@djsundog @technomancy I was googling for Zack. If he did this remake it would rock...

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