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@djsundog Ahhhh this is so amazing

Brings me back to when I used a Compaq Portable and a serial line to my Linux box to IRC from my bedroom as a teen


Ok that's pretty good. Now can you get mastodon streaming on a fancy three course meal?

@djsundog I should dig out my grandma's old 2-84 sometime. Its been in my hands since the late '90s.

@ajroach42 tcpser providing a virtual modem that uses telnet over a serial connection and telnetd providing telnet on localhost plus madonctl for cli masto streaming


That is fucking awesome.

Hacking cool stuff for the sake of hacking it is the pure spirit of hacking.

This is beautiful.

@craigmaloney it should - it's only acting as a dumb serial terminal for the linux laptop next to it - I'll install it shortly and give you some video :)

@djsundog I'm sure it'll have some issues with the newer characters on there. :)


@craigmaloney yeah, funnily, there are more than a few unicode characters that end up sending a ctrl+d to TERM.COM and warm booting the Kaypro 😆

@djsundog Man I'd love to get mastodon streaming on my Ti-99. We just got Ti99's online through the use of a raspberry pi over at the atariage forums.

@filmhotdog adding a Ti99 to my basement lab is a must do - I had one growing up and loved it

@djsundog I got one a few years ago as a random flea market pickup and instantly fell in love with the system. The great thing is they are fairly cheap to find and haven't been bitten by the overly inflated retro bug. The community is also very active and friendly, check it out some time.