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achievement heckin GET

mastodon streaming on a 2-83

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@djsundog Ahhhh this is so amazing

Brings me back to when I used a Compaq Portable and a serial line to my Linux box to IRC from my bedroom as a teen

@zigg that's what I'm doing now except with madonctl :)


Ok that's pretty good. Now can you get mastodon streaming on a fancy three course meal?

@djsundog I should dig out my grandma's old 2-84 sometime. Its been in my hands since the late '90s.

@ajroach42 tcpser providing a virtual modem that uses telnet over a serial connection and telnetd providing telnet on localhost plus madonctl for cli masto streaming

Thanks to @McKael for providing the stream from the toot-lab to the


That is fucking awesome.

Hacking cool stuff for the sake of hacking it is the pure spirit of hacking.

This is beautiful.

@craigmaloney it should - it's only acting as a dumb serial terminal for the linux laptop next to it - I'll install it shortly and give you some video :)

@djsundog I'm sure it'll have some issues with the newer characters on there. :)


@craigmaloney yeah, funnily, there are more than a few unicode characters that end up sending a ctrl+d to TERM.COM and warm booting the Kaypro 😆

@craigmaloney I just gotta clean up my termcap, er, terminfo setup