a Z80 and an 8088 cohabiting one system in peace and harmony

@djsundog I used to have a machine with a Z80 and a 6502.

@Ricardus it used to be the thing to do - new tech? add a card and keep your old software! I miss yhat.

@Ricardus @djsundog Now I'm trying to think of the most ridiculous retro CPU orgy that you could do in an Apple II.

6502 or 65816 natively, and then add a Z-80 Softcard, a Stellation Two The Mill with a 6809, a PC Transporter with a NEC V20, and a Gnome Card with a 68000.

@bhtooefr @djsundog I was actually just going to suggest we brainstorm something.

@bhtooefr @Ricardus @djsundog the commodore 128 came with both an 8502 (a 6502 variant) and a z80 built-in, but i don't think you could add additional cards to it

@bunnyhero @bhtooefr @djsundog That's the machine I was talking about before that I owned.

@bunnyhero @bhtooefr @djsundog CP/M ran slow, but it was fun to play with. My brother ran a CP/M BBS off his 128 for a year or two.

@Ricardus @bhtooefr @djsundog oh wild. i remember when they came out but i never knew anyone who had one

@djsundog fun fact: some PC-98s had hardware switches for switching between a V[23]0 CPU and a 286/386 in case of incompatible software

ask @techfury about it!

@calvin @djsundog almost all 1986-1989 286/386 models had a switchable V30, yep. There's even separate memory switch (NVRAM) flags for 8087 and 287/387 coprocessor presence on those systems.

@djsundog Some Heathkit computers had that configuration, as I remember...

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