I spend all day on amazingly powerful computers both in my hands and around the world and the almost forty year old 8-bit relic now in the basement is far more fun and I haven't even really made it do anything much yet.

Probably feels significantly faster than the other systems too

@architect power on to usable word processor faster than a cold boot of my i7 laptop with m.2 ssd can get me to a desktop

Obviously there's some amazing things we can do now too, but damn is it depressing to think that an ≤8MB OS that boots into a usable state nearly instantly is no longer available

@djsundog I keep my TRS80 CoCo handy for just the same reason. Pop in the Color Scripsit cartridge and turn it on, and it's ready to go before the TV tube warms up.

@djsundog last night I was looking at Z80/CPM emulators that can control the COM (or /dev/tty) ports of the host PC, and had the hair brained idea of even trying to control my mini pager transmitter from assembler and have a console screen similar to what was used in the pager companies call centres in about 1989/90 (it might even have been a multi user CP/M based system or similar as British Telecom were using CP/M around 1987/8 when I did work experience there..)

@vfrmedia I fully intend for this Kaypro to be in daily use as a terminal and dev machine. I will give it as many modern conveniences as I can reasonably but me and that 80x25 green screen are gonna go back to being BFFs

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